“Dr. Handley helped our marriage. We came in to her on the verge of divorce and her marital therapy saved our marriage. She was a lifesaver!! Both my husband and I really liked her. She provided us with skills we never had to speak to each other and understand each other in different ways. We learned how to communicate with each other and now we have such satisfying marriage.”


“Dr. Handley has been instrumental in helping our teenage daughter in her time of need. We were having daily struggles with our daughter and Dr. Handley was able to help her learn new coping strategies for dealing with life. We are very grateful for Dr. Handley because we feel we have our daughter back. I highly recommend Dr. Handley, she is supportive and caring and really helped to change our daughter and our whole family”

“I brought my teenage daughter to see Dr. Handley because my daughter was cutting on herself and depressed. Dr. Handley was able to work with my daughter and our family to understand what was going on and to help us all have better communication skills. She also taught our daughter new coping skills so she no longer would cut on herself. Our daughter is no longer depressed and has not cut on herself in several years. We owe Dr. Handley a lot, she helped our daughter through a deep depression and now our daughter is back to her old self.


“My son has ADHD and we looked around for someone who specialized in his treatment, Dr. Handley came highly recommended. We needed to figure out what to do with our son. Dr. Handley helped our son learn new skills and ways of managing his behavior. She also helped my husband and I parent him in different ways so we could have a peaceful home. We also needed help with our son at school and Dr. Handley came to our school to our IEP meeting to help us get our son’s learning needs met. Now he has a wonderful IEP plan that really helps him out in school. He is doing so much better in school. Dr. Handley made a huge difference in our family.”


“We came to Dr. Handley in our family’s greatest time of need, our teenage daughter was wasting away with Anorexia. Dr. Handley was highly recommended to us and she had a vast knowledge of this condition. She worked with our daughter for 2 years and helped get her out of her Eating Disorder. She also worked with our family to learn new ways of coping with this condition. Today, our daughter is free of her Anorexia and went off to a great college and is now in graduate school. It was such a difficult time for our family and having Dr. Handley made all the difference in the world. I would highly recommend Dr. Handley for anyone who has an eating disorder.”

“I am a 40 year old female who has struggled with bulimia for over 20 years. Dr. Handley came highly recommended in the eating disorders field. I have tried other therapists and gotten no where with my bulimia but now that I have been with Dr. Handley I have been free of bulimia for well over 1 year. She taught me so much and I learned how to stop the binging and purging cycle. I love myself now and have such a better body image. I no longer struggle everyday with my food and I am able to be free of this life long addiction I have had. I love Dr. Handley and know my life would still be the same without her treatment.”


“I came to see Dr. Handley after I had the Lap Band Surgery to work on the issues I had around abusing food. Even though I had the surgery, I knew I had to work on my issues to lose and maintain the weight I had gained over the years. Dr. Handley helped me build a connection to my eating and my emotions and how I eat when I need to express my feelings. She helped me work through past abuse issues which fueled my eating. I learned new coping strategies to deal with life instead of eating. I have lost over 70 pounds and I am keeping it off. I really appreciate all the help Dr. Handley did to make my weight loss successful. ”

“I had gastric bypass surgery and I went to Dr. Handley to deal with my obsession with food and my out of control behavior. I learned why I eat and how to stop myself from continuing to sabotage my life. I have lost 100 pounds and feel great but I am now working on my body image issues and dealing with having a thin body. Dr. Handley knows just what to say and what is going on in my mind. I know with continued treatment I will be able to love myself completely.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Handley off and on for two years for my depression. She has helped me learn how to function on a daily basis. I have severe depression and have not been able to get out of bed. I know without Dr. Handley I would be in bed and not be working, be in a relationship and living life again. I want to thank Dr. Handley for everything she has done for me.”

“I have suffered from anxiety for several years, I came Dr. Handley so that I could deal with my anxiety. Dr. Handley used cognitive behavioral therapy with me and the skills I learned helped me learn how to deal with my anxiety. I learned how to cope with my stress on a daily basis. I also learned how to relax, Today, I do not suffer from anxiety and I am able to relax and enjoy my life.”