Initial Interview $250.00
Individual Therapy $200.00 per 50 minute session.
Family Therapy $200.00 per 60 minute session
Psychological Testing $200.00 per hour
Court Fees $250.00 per hour
Telephone Calls billed at $200.00 per hour prorated for the time of the call
Psychological Evaluations – depends on evaluation


Dr. Handley is only on a couple insurance panels, please make sure you verify with your insurance what your insurance benefits are and if Dr. Handley is contracted with your insurance. Dr. Handley will provide you a Superbill to give to your insurance company if she is not contracted with your insurance. Payment is due at each session.


Cash, check and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment is a time set aside for you, therefore you must cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance or $200.00 is charged to you for missing your appointment unless you are ill. Insurance companies cannot be billed for missed sessions, therefore, a full fee (not just a co-payment) of $200.00 will be billed to the patient. Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.